Interior Design Is About More than Just Space

Kart Group is known for providing the highest quality modern design and services since 2005 in the UAE.

We collaborate closely with our clients to realize their aesthetic ideas and practical needs while adhering to their established budgets.

For us, interior design is about much more than “just about space”. Interior design is about finding creative design solutions for interior environments while supporting the health, safety and well-being of occupants and enhancing their quality of life.

While elegance and uniqueness is Kart Group’s first objective, our utmost pride comes from the fact that every environment we design reflects the personality of the owner, making no two projects the same.

Best Interior Design Company Dubai | Interior Design
Best Interior Design Company Dubai | Interior Design

Your Local Interior Design Specialist

At Kart, we undertake every project as ‘bespoke’; we work extensively both with branded concepts and individual clients. We work closely with our clients to exploit the full potential of their space, by introducing bespoke designs which are customized to their specific needs.

Our philosophy is to offer design solutions that inspire transform and enhance people’s lives as a whole. With 15 years of qualified experience in the interior design industry, we are able to quickly understand the requirement of the space, and can offer an efficient and tailor-made solution to the customer. We have a strong track record of constructing appealing designs that both entice customers and have a lasting quality.

We offer interior design consultancy to Residential, Corporate, Hospitality and Retail projects.

With over a decade of experience and in-house skills for bespoke interior designing advisory, our long-standing clients return to us time and again especially for complex projects.

Why Is Kart The Premium Choice For Its Clients as an Interior Design Specialist?

We offer a unique and fresh design aspect with considered novelty, combining an understanding of the culture, aesthetics and values of the country we are working in, to create a luxe interior for our clients. Moreover, we offer;

  • Innovation With Tradition
  • Unrivaled Craftsmanship
  • Custom-Made Options

If you’re looking for premium-quality interior designing advisory in the Middle East, Kart is your answer. We offer space planning, design concept, design development, documentation, design implementation, value engineering and FF&E services. Whether it is adding new life to an old space or creating something exciting from scratch, we can help you transform your home or office and make a real statement with our design consultancy.

We Providing the highest quality modern design and furniture services for corporate, residential, hospitality & retails in Dubai, Abu Dhabi. Working since 2005 in the UAE.

Tel: +971 4  564 6422 – Email:

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